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24/January/2020   Politics

Helena Fraser: We warmly commend the initiative of reforming statelessness

In an interview with “Dunyo” Information Agency, the UN Resident Coordinator in Uzbekistan Helena Fraser welcomed a range of initiatives expressed in the Address of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miziyoyev to Oliy Majlis.

I was very impressed with the President’s statement. Specifically, he emphasized that we have a long, hard road ahead, which has a purpose. All the efforts are to be taken are for the well-being, prosperity and dignity of the people of Uzbekistan.

The United Nations is committed to this path. President outlined a range of initiatives – close to our heart as the United Nations – that will be critical for success of reform agenda overall, namely ensuring the rule of law, strengthening judicial independence that goes in line with recommendations from the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, importance of the fight against corruption and more.

Moreover, I believe everyone in Uzbekistan will benefit from injection of integrity vaccine, as referred by the President.

The focus on human capital development along with economic liberalization is another important aspect of the speech. In that sense, it is vital to raise human capital, increase health and well-being of the citizens, improve education standards with the particular focus on bringing in more girls and women to higher education and vocational training.

Social protection is the next. The most vulnerable, living in poverty, also need protection. In this sense, UNICEF, ILO and UNDP are already working in partnership with government. Poverty reduction strategy process is yet another important priority to ensure that the most vulnerable are lifted, to leave no one behind.

Environmental protection is the subsequent area. Plans to adopt a new ecological code and the emphasis on Aral Sea are extremely important for us.

Lastly, I would like to bring in other smaller, but very important from the UN perspective initiatives. First of all, freeing up domestic migration so people can go where the jobs are. Secondly, freedom of press and ensuring that the media can champion people’s interests. And finally, taking actions against stateless. This is a new opportunity for the people who are currently living without documentation and citizenship. Around 50 thousand people will receive citizenship. We warmly commend this initiative towards eradicating stateless.

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