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23/January/2020   Tourism

Planning the trip to Uzbekistan in 2020? All major events schedule is available on a single platform

TASHKENT, January 23. /“Dunyo” IA/. 2020 is the high time to visit Uzbekistan. And if you are surfing major cultural events to embrace in the country, then the State Committee for the Development of Tourism of Uzbekistan along with other ministries and agencies launched an online website for your convenience. is an online calendar which has a list of events scheduled for 2020 based on the type, location, date and organizer.

The aim of launching the platform is to make travelling in Uzbekistan more convenient, ultimately calling more tourists to the country.

The calendar includes the information on conferences, seminars, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, sports competitions, indigenous craftsmanship events and more.

In 2019 6,75 million people have already visited Uzbekistan. Notably, Lonely Planet, CNN, National Geographic, Telegraph along with other media outlets are already recommending taking a trip to Uzbekistan.

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