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13/August/2021   Compatriots

President of Uzbekistan approves the initiative to create the Vatandoshlar Public Fund

TASHKENT, August 13. /“Dunyo” IA/. August 11, the President of Uzbekistan has signed a resolution “On the establishment of the Vatandoshlar Public Fund", reports “Dunyo” IA correspondent.

Vatandoshlar (Compatriots) Public Fund aims at further consolidating compatriots living abroad around their historical homeland, foster a sense of pride for the country in their hearts and minds, preserve national identity, support public associations created by compatriots, effectively direct the potential compatriots working in various fields for the development of the country.

The initiative to create the Fund was put forward by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Culture, Finance, Employment and Labor Relations, the Committee on Interethnic Relations and Friendly Ties with Foreign Countries under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, the National Association of Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organizations, the “Yuksalish” Nationwide Movement and the Development Strategy Center.

According to the Resolution, the Fund’s activities are carried out in the following main areas:

– establishment and development of cooperation with compatriots living abroad, and the public associations created by them;

– assistance in the protection of the rights and freedoms of compatriots living abroad, based on the generally recognized legal codes and norms of international law, laws of the countries of residence of compatriots and international treaties of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– material and social support for compatriots who find themselves in a difficult life situation abroad, in the prescribed manner, providing them with information and legal assistance.

The Fund also supports events aimed at the preservation and development of the Uzbek language, culture and traditions abroad and provides practical assistance in the broad promotion and popularization of the rich scientific, cultural and traditional heritage of Uzbekistan, the organization of cultural and educational events for compatriots, and the provision of practical assistance in the creation of national cultural centers of Uzbekistan abroad.

By the resolution, compatriots living abroad are equated with citizens of Uzbekistan under the conditions of admission to study and training in higher education institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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