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31/December/2019   Actual

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Not numbers, but results important

On the last working day of 2019, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting with the participation of leaders of parliament chambers, members of government, officials of ministries and other government agencies, to sum up the results of the outgoing year and identify vital tasks for 2020.

Irreversible reforms are under implementation across all walks of life in the country. Critical normative acts are adopted to modernize sectors of the national economy, to cash in the potential of the regions to the full, and boost the welfare of the population. In this process, initiatives and proposals of the wider public are taken into account, financial and organizational issues are resolved.

The outcomes of this comprehensive work are felt in all areas. Even seemingly irresolvable problems are being addressed. Crucially, the living conditions are improving, satisfaction with the state and life is growing among the people.

The transformation taking place in Uzbekistan is also appreciated by the international community. In particular, one of the eminent publications – the British weekly “The Economist” has named Uzbekistan “Country of the Year” for the most dynamic reforms in 2019.

Meanwhile, Uzbekistan became one of the best reforming nations in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking for 2019.

It is essential, the President insisted, that these achievements continue in 2020, which can be ensured by the realization of decisions made on the development of industries and regions, and secure even more considerable results.

The head of our state noted that these accomplishments are hardly the ends in themselves, and that much remains to be done to further improve the life of the population, increase the economic power of the country, make more effective use of available opportunities, and therefore the year 2020 will be a test.

The need to learn the right lessons from the mistakes made in 2019 was pointed out at the meeting, as was the requirement for the focus on the quality in implementing the measures projected for 2020. The President also underscored the need for the specific definition of responsible executives and the timing, noting the necessity to organize the realization of tasks with field visits and constantly monitor the process.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev urged the Cabinet of Ministers to effectively organize the activities of the executive branch, elaborate performance indicators for ministries, state committees and other government agencies for each quarter of 2020, as well as rigorously scrutinize their work.

The need for major changes in the management of state-owned enterprises and a reduction in public participation in the economy next year was indicated.

The government was ordered to introduce a new system for the construction and launch of infrastructure facilities as part of the investment program, to accelerate the initiated reforms in the field of transportation, especially railway and air.

The President gave instructions to streamline the market for construction and contracting works and design services, create free competition and pioneer modern urban planning standards, and cut construction costs. The necessity of fulfilling pressing tasks in the field of drinking water and heat supply was noted.

The head of our state urged officials to ensure macroeconomic stability, reduce inflation, transfer the practice of pricing entirely to market mechanisms, and deliver a free competitive environment.

In the meantime, as Shavkat Mirziyoyev pointed out, it is crucial to prevent a sharp increase in prices by enhancing the production of consumer goods, especially foods, by trimming down manufacturing costs.

The importance of continuing reforms in the banking system and expanding convenient and high-quality banking services was emphasized.

Special attention was paid to boosting entrepreneurial activity among the population, to eradicating the mood of dependency. The necessity was noted of creating an encouraging business environment, in particular by the further improvement of tax administration, the widespread use of information technology and the maximum reduction in the human factor.

Uzbekistan’s leader stressed the need for the speediest implementation of systemic measures to explain in detail the norms of the new Tax Code to taxpayers.

Particular emphasis was placed on the effective organization of work in the field of foreign trade and investments. The President insisted that direct investments and foreign loans be used effectively, be directed to projects with specific end results, and enhance targeted work with investors to a new level.

It is imperative, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said, that systematic work be arranged on the realization of agreements reached during foreign visits to ensure tangible results.

The head of our state instructed the government to bolster the export potential of the economy, expand the range and diversify the geography of exports, radically perk up foreign trade activities to enter new markets. It is required to reform the systems of customs, standardization, quarantine and other sectors, to turn them into assistants to entrepreneurs.

Specific tasks were identified at the meeting for the progressive continuation of reforms in education, healthcare, tourism and other social spheres.

The highest priority task in the travel industry is to bring the tourist inflow next year to 7.5 million people, and the volume of export of tourism services to more than 1.5 billion US dollars.

The occasion also served to point out the importance of increasing the attention to the cause of preparing young people, especially girls, for family life. As the President noted, it is necessary to shape a sense of responsibility for the family, properly conduct psychological preparation for family relationships, and create a healthy environment in the basic component of society.

For executives of sectors of the agro-industrial complex, the highest priority will be to ensure the implementation of the 2020-2030 Strategy for the Development of Agriculture. To this end, it is vital to deliver conditions for cotton, grain and rice clusters, constantly analyze and eliminate potential problems in the new system.

In addition, instructions were voiced on the development of the oil and gas, chemical, and energy sectors, on the active attraction of private sector and investments, and growth in the extraction of crudes.

For the full and high-quality execution of certain tasks, all managers must “go down” to the rank and file of their system and mobilize teams and resources to the maximum, as the President underlined at the meeting.

Chairman of the Senate and Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the Prime Minister and members of government, heads of public and social organizations spoke at the meeting and said they will establish systemic work for the high-quality implementation of the tasks and issues raised by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

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