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21/October/2020   Syrdarya, we stand united

The huge changes in Syrdarya are not happening by chance

This fact is reflected in the work carried out in the flood-affected areas of the Sardoba reservoir.

TASHKENT-SYRDARYA-TASHKENT, October 21. / «Dunyo» AA /. The Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Agency for Information and Mass Communications, the State Committee for Tourism Development and the Syrdarya regional administration for landscaping works in the flood-affected areas of the Sardoba Reservoir, reports IA “Dunyo” correspondent Jobir Khojakulov.

This year has been very challenging for humanity. In particular, the unexpected situation with Covid-19 shook the whole world. Unfortunately, this tragedy did not bypass Uzbekistan. The pandemic, which began in March, is still ongoing.

Look, this year nature has also shown its whims. The strong wind, which was first observed in the Bukhara region, caused serious damage to the population of Alat and Karakul districts, housing and agriculture. Shortly afterwards, on the morning of May 1, another bad news spread in our country - a man-made situation was observed at the Sardoba reservoir. As a result, settlements in Sardoba, Mirzaabad and Akaltin districts were flooded. Border areas of neighbouring Kazakhstan were also affected.

- It is no exaggeration to say that the flood caused by the demolition of the dam "Sardoba" in Sardoba district tested the patience of not only the people of Syrdarya but also the people of our country. As a result of the natural disaster, 89,450 people from 28 mahallas of Sardoba, Mirzaabad and Akaltin districts were immediately evacuated to other areas. 4,710 houses were damaged, of which 2,211 were unusable and 2,499 were repaired. As a result of the instructions given by the head of our state during his several visits to the region, completely new districts have been built to replace the flood-affected mahallas.

The first visit of the participants of the press tour was to the joint venture "Syrdarya-mega-lux" in Syrdarya district. The opportunities created at the enterprise and the products it produces serve to ensure the well-being of the population while increasing the socio-economic potential of the region.

Then the group got acquainted with the creative work carried out in the "Dustlik" mahalla of Sardoba district. Along with the construction of multi-storey houses in the new area, an enterprise for the production of garments and knitwear "Sardoba Oqsaroy Tekstil" LLC with 1,500 jobs is being built.

The residents also like the conditions created in the multi-storey houses under construction in the “Do’stlik” mahalla.

“After the flood, these places turned into swamps. Only rubber boots could be worn, ”said labour veteran Otabek Egamberdiev. - Personally, I did not believe that the city will be built in such a place. Look, in five months such beautiful houses were built. It has all the facilities of modern infrastructure such as gas, drinking water, electricity supply, centralized sewage. Now our people must work honestly in these places, appreciate these opportunities and live carefully.

“I lost my house and property due to the flood,” said Gavhar Ungarova, a resident of the mahalla. "My whole body trembles when I think of what happened that day." Many thanks to our state, to our President, who has built for us better, more beautiful houses than our own. I am getting a 3 bedroom from these houses. The conditions created in the apartments are excellent. If we are lucky, we will have weddings in these houses with my children. Besides, the President issued certificates for 6 types of household appliances that we women need. Today they are delivered to our homes free of charge.

Greenhouses have also been built near 9 multi-storey houses for 360 families, built-in Navbahor mahalla of Mirzaabad district, which was damaged by a man-made accident at the Sardoba reservoir. Thanks to this "Social Greenhouse" project, initiated by Beckluster, each of the 64 families will own a 25-hectare greenhouse.

Journalists and bloggers also got acquainted with the huge socio-economic changes, construction and creative work in Syrdarya, Akaltin, Mirzaabad and Sardoba districts of the region and visited the greenhouses launched based on this project.

- We also call this project "Business with the key", - says one of the project officials Anvar Jumanov. - In other words, 64 families are members of two limited liability companies established under this project. The same companies are the guarantors of the loans. Beckluster buys the products grown in each family's 25-hectare greenhouse and exports them under the Uzbek brand. After full repayment of the loan, in 2-3 years the family will become a full owner of the greenhouse, an entrepreneur.

Besides, a research and practice centre for citrus, subtropical and tropical plants was established within the project to teach greenhouse management.

Our next destination was Yangi Uzbekistan mahalla. 40 5-storey houses with 800 apartments have been built in the former Haqiqat mahalla. For this purpose, about 12 hectares of land were allocated from the neighbourhood, and multi-storey houses were built in a short time by the builders of the limited liability company "White city construction". As a result of the huge creative work carried out here, the neighbourhood was renamed "New Uzbekistan".

To build the houses in a short time, the work was carried out in the Turkish "tunnel form mould" style. In the basement of the buildings, there is a separate room of 15 square meters for each family, which can be used by homeowners as a warehouse. Surveillance cameras are installed in the area.

The buildings have electricity, natural gas, drinking and sewage. There is a mahalla guzar, Yangi Avlod preschool, 6 playgrounds, a road rules training ground, a bakery, a barbershop and a library in the area.

Yangi Tashkent mahalla in Oqoltin district is also one of the areas built after the disaster. Here, 130 concrete-panelled houses have been repaired and the living conditions of more than 200 families have been improved. Each street of the mahalla was named after the districts of Tashkent.

There is a mahalla guzar, a library, a children's playground, a sports complex. Internal roads have been built, electricity, natural gas and drinking water supply have been restored.

"Yangi Tashkent" mahalla was built with 8 streets. 135 houses were rebuilt in the neighbourhood. Today, more than 1,200 people live here.

The 130-seat pre-school No. 5 and a 150-seat school building in the region have also been renovated.

A series of materials on the results of this press tour is being prepared by IA “Dunyo”. Follow our website and social media pages.

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