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01/May/2021   Society

The Second World War is in the memory of the peoples of Central Asia

TASHKENT, 1 May. /“Dunyo” IA/. On April 30 the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan in partnership with the International Institute for Central Asia (IICA), the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a scientific-practical conference "The Second World War in the history and memory of the peoples of Central Asia: events, participants, symbols" at the “Victory Park” Memorial, “Dunyo” IA correspondent reports.

The event was attended by the heads and representatives of diplomatic missions of Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, India, Indonesia, military attaches of Russian Federation, China, the USA, Italy, the Great Britain, Germany, Republic of Korea, accredited in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Director of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for Public Diplomacy in Uzbekistan, scientists and specialists in the history of World War II from Central Asian countries, students and youth.

The participants of the event, accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan Hamdam Karshiev and Director of the International Institute for Central Asia Anvar Nasirov, laid flowers at the foot of the monument "Ode to Resilience".

The goals and objectives of the conference are scientific understanding of the contribution of the peoples of Central Asia to the victory in World War II, determination of the spiritual and psychological origins of the feat of our fathers and grandfathers, increasing the public interest in the history of the states of the region, patriotic education of the younger generation.

Opening the conference, the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan Hamdam Karshiev read out a welcoming address from the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bakhodir Kurbanov. In particular, it was emphasized that it was the peoples of the union republics that suffered the most during the Second World War and suffered numerous victims.

Our peoples will always bow to the courage, spiritual strength and patriotism of those who, not sparing themselves at the front and in the rear, day after day, hour after hour, forged Victory over the enemy.

IICA Director Anvar Nasirov noted in his speech that Central Asia has turned into a reliable rear to support the front.

Over the years of the war, more than 4 million people were drafted from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan to military units.

About one and a half million fighters from Central Asian countries died, more than 780 thousand people were awarded orders and medals, including more than 1000 people, became Heroes of the Soviet Union, about 250 people were full holders of the Order of Glory.

Only during November 1941 - March 1942, for example, 14 national formations were formed in Uzbekistan, which showed high courage and selfless heroism on the war fronts.

The countries of Central Asia accepted more than 3 million people evacuated from the western territories covered by the war. An example of how children were saved is especially indicative.

During the speeches, the Heads of the diplomatic missions of the countries of Central Asia, Russia and Belarus were unanimous in the opinion that Victory Day is one of the most revered and memorable dates.

This is a sacred day in the historical annals of peoples, combining the joy of the triumph of life and the pain of loss. Without exaggeration, there is no such family that Victory would bypass. On this day, we bow our heads to the memory of those who defeated fascism, gave us the opportunity to live under a peaceful sky and be free people.

The event participants noted that the holiday in Uzbekistan is filled with a special atmosphere largely due to the deeply personal attitude to the Victory Day of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, which is evidenced by his special attention to veterans and the next initiatives on a large-scale celebration of the Day of Remembrance and Honor.

It was emphasized that the Second World War had a global significance and was completed thanks to the joint efforts and unity of peoples, regardless of language or culture.

The participants expressed confidence that the peoples of Central Asia, preserving the memory of the great military and labor feat of their fathers and grandfathers, will jointly direct all their efforts to preserve the greatest value - a peaceful and prosperous life.

The results of the conference again demonstrated the need to preserve the great feat of our ancestors in the memory of the young generation in the name of peace and tranquility on Earth.

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