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19/November/2021   Analytics

Tursunali Kuziyev: Uzbekistan - the cradle of Turkic cultural heritage

TASHKENT, November 19. /“Dunyo” IA/. “In the land of Uzbekistan, there are many territories inhabited by primitive people, left the huge number of cave paintings preserve up to our days”, - noted Tursunali Kuziyev, Director of the Cultural Heritage Agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in an article “Uzbekistan - the cradle of Turkic cultural heritage”.

“The myths about Adam and Eve selecting this paradise land as their home seems so true. But the obvious is the fact that in the same land of Uzbekistan the first Turkic tribes appeared and spread all over the world. Modern Turkish politicians, scholars, and the majority of the Turkish people in general proudly glorify Uzbekistan as their “fatherland”.

From the earliest examples of human civilization on our ground, a series of renaissances have continued to amaze the entire world. The ancestors of our people, with their greatness in all spheres, have served and enlightened the development and progress of all mankind. Of course, all this is a matrix of pride for the whole Turcik world, a solid foundation. Our great ancestors, such as Alisher Navoi, defined the Turkic literary language, from its dictionary to its form.

We can see in ancient manuscripts and books, when we look at exhibits and epigraphic architectural monuments. These heritage treasures have always been of great interest to the international community, and especially to the intellectuals of the Turkic people.

Under the initiative of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev the great attention is paid to preservance, protection, scientific study and widespread promotion of our cultural heritage in the country and abroad. A number of decrees and resolutions of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers have been issued in this regard. Naturally, this cultural heritage is an immortal, historical and cultural heritage that expresses the pride of the Uzbek people, as well as all Turkic peoples, and humanity in the broadest sense.

As a logical continuation of these efforts, at the summit of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States  held on 12th of November in Istanbul, Turkey, the President put forward initiatives of historical significance for the future of the Turkish people.

In his  speech, the President noted the fruitful meetings of the Ministers of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish-speaking countries in the ancient cities of Khiva and Kokand, emphasizing the rich historical and cultural heritage the peoples of the Turkish world and  great perspectives in developing tourism.

“Jointlly develop a “road map” covering the implementation of tourism projects "Turkish World Tourism" and "Tabarruk Ziyorat", holding handicraft exhibitions and ethno sports competitions, preservation and restoration of cultural heritage sites is in the great significance", stated the President.

With the initiatives of the  President, the summit also decided to establish an international award named after the great thinker and statesman Mir Alisher Navoi, who made a significant contribution to the Turkish world community.

It is known that every civilization is valued by the traces it has left in world civilization in science, creativity, economics, politics and culture. In this sense, in the world civilization of Islamic civilization, especially the Turks, which in the Middle Ages brought up several generations of scientists, fuzalos, theologians, builders-architects and craftsmen, with their power led to the creation of immortal works, discoveries, works of art its place in the world is incomparable. The role of our ancestors in the invaluable spiritual heritage left by the scholars of this civilization is also important and significant.

In particular, the initiative of our President that Uzbekistan has about 200,000 unique manuscripts on our common history and culture and the need to study them and pass them on to future generations has not only inspired  us, but also placed a great responsibility on us.

In order to jointly study and translate rare works on the history and culture of the Turkish people, to create a single electronic database, to introduce digital technologies in this area, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan presented at the conference to establish a Cultural Heritage Research Center of Turkish speaking countries.

“A jeweler knows the value of gold,” says our wise people. Our President has proposed a completely new format, form that is navigator, for the preservation of cultural heritage for the Turkish world. This is another proof that Uzbekistan, on the threshold of the Third Renaissance, remains one of the centers of cultural heritage of the Turkish world

The door to great opportunities for this in the new Uzbekistan is open to cultural and art critics from all over the Turkish world. The effective use of these potentials and opportunities will serve as a program for the spiritual and cultural enrichment of the entire Turkish world, and will make an important contribution to their transmission to the future generations, as well as to the whole world”.

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