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11/March/2020   Society

WHO Representative in Uzbekistan called for pro-active measures, not panic

TASHKENT, March 11. /“Dunyo” IA/. Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan and World Health Organization (WHO) Country Office along with other ministries held a press-conference devoted to preventive measures of Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in Uzbekistan, informs the correspondent of “Dunyo” IA.

WHO Country Office Representative Dr. Lianne Kuppens who spoke at the event reaffirmed that in Uzbekistan no COVID-19 infection cases have been identified, yet. “However, we know that virus is already contagious and infected six continents. The probability that it will also hit Uzbekistan in the near future is high”, added the head of international organization.

In the meantime, she said there is no reason for panic: “We have to be alert, but don’t have to be alarmed. We have to be pro-active, not reactive”.

In this regard, she highlighted several facts to bear in mind:

  • It is only 9-10 weeks the world is dealing with new virus and it has unique characteristics, therefore raises a lot of questions;
  • Incubation period – 1 to 14 days. The average is 5-6 days. That means one is infected, but doesn’t have symptoms;
  • Transmission happens mainly from sick persons to healthy persons;
  • Only 6% of those infected in the world need has become a critically sick. It is not everybody;

WHO Representative also noted that no country in the world – even the most developed ones – feels fully prepared for the coronavirus. Having said that, WHO is continuing to support in acute surveillance, early detection of the cases, ability to diagnose, isolation and making sure that hospitals are prepared for case management and helping the country share the data and community awareness.

According to Dr.Kuppens, Uzbekistan needs to take necessary measures now and this is happening. WHO in Uzbekistan is working closely with the Ministry of Health and other involved parties to be better prepared for the coronavirus.

WHO Representative reaffirmed that the Uzbek government is doing everything in line with WHO recommendations. WHO also helps Uzbekistan to develop a strategic and response plan.

As a community and or individual you can help to prevent getting infected or transmit infection by:

  • Washing your hands regularly;
  • Sneeze/cough in your elbow;
  • Keep distance (1 meter) from anybody who has symptoms like cough, fever, running nose;
  • When you develop symptoms (fever, cough) then stay at home and contact the medical facility.

Photograph: International Press-club

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