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19/February/2021   Politics

On the proposal of the President of Uzbekistan, the regional council of people’s deputies approved the Hokim of Namangan region

TASHKENT, February 19. /“Dunyo” IA/. The President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is attending the out-of-schedule session of the regional council of people’s deputies, reports “Dunyo” IA correspondent.

According to the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an organizational issue has been considered at the meeting.

“As you know, the former hokim of Namangan region Khayrulla Bozorov did a lot to implement our reforms. We appointed him the Hokim of Fergana region so that he could apply the knowledge and experience accumulated here in another region, to increase the wellbeing of people. Now we have to consider the issue of appointing a new Hokim of Namangan region. We need to choose a leader who deserves today’s development of Namangan, a resourceful person who will take care of people and support an entrepreneur”, the President said.

The Head of the state spoke about the responsibility that the training and appointment of hokims impose.

“Life is such that I have to prepare a person for four or five years in advance, for each region who can lead it. Shavkat Abdurazakov was the Hokim of Namangan region and the city of Namangan, the Head of Department of the Cabinet of Ministers, and worked as a minister. He knows the conditions in Namangan, the concerns of people, how to open doors in Tashkent offices and resolve issues”, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The Head of the state recommended Shavkat Shokirjanovich Abdurazakov for the position of Hokim of the region, Acting Head of the region since September 2020.

Shavkat Abdurazakov was born in 1976 in the city of Namangan. Over the years, he held responsible positions in the regional hokimiyat and state property administration, in the Cabinet of Ministers. He was the Chairman of the State Committee for Ecology.

People’s deputies, representatives of the older generation, youth spoke in support of the candidate. According to the results of voting, Shavkat Abdurazakov was approved the Hokim of Namangan region.

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